Unique solution for warehouse is BT EAB Radioshuttle System

03 октября 2011

без названия: 03.10.2011 11:32

Negotiations with the management of Toyota Material Handling took place in the office of LLC “Predpriyatie “Stroykomplekt” the other days.

The meeting was devoted to the entrance to the market of a new product of TMHE – EAB Radioshuttle System that will allow optimizing of the organizational process of load-unloading of pallets with a standard cargo in the warehouse. The basis of the system is a movable shuttle-platform that performs the delivery of a pallet from the loading/unloading place and back:

  • A number of pallet-places for storage of cargoes in the previous warehouse area are increased (at the expense of passages for forklifts that are absent between shelves).
  • Cost of maintenance of a pallet-place is reduced.
  • Time for operation of warehouse equipment with a cargo unit is diminished.
  • Investments made to EAB Radioshuttle System are quickly paid off.

без названия: 03.10.2011 11:32

The unique system of organization of storage facilities are successfully used by famous world producers: P&G, Mc. Donald’s, Nestle, LG, Phillip Morris, Shell.

A presentation of a new product was made during the international industrial exhibition ITFM that took place in Moscow on September, 27 -30th, 2011.

LLC “Predpriyatie “Stroykomplekt” on rights of an official dealer of Toyota Material Handling already starts to accept requests from companies on installation of BT EAB Radioshuttle System at their storage places.