Greetings on a Day of a road sector worker!

14 октября 2011

Уважаемые работники дорожной отрасли!

без названия: 13.10.2011 14:29Dear workers of a road sector!

Please accept sincere greetings in the name of LLC “Predpriyatie “Stroykomplekt” on your professional holiday – a Day of road sector workers!

This is a holiday of builders and keepers of our roads. Road sector is one of the largest technical infrastructure and one of the most important economic sectors.

Development of a city infrastructure, forming of modern appearance of megalopolises is impossible without building and maintenance of roads, arterial highways, interchanges. Although there were always many different opinions concerning Russian roads, it is obvious that considerable success has been achieved in this sphere the latest years. Modernization of road sector companies, implementation of innovation technologies, modern equipment guarantee quality of our roads. That is why building of new roads as well as maintenance of good condition of old roads are priority tasks for those whose professional holiday is celebrated all over our country today.

On my behalf and on behalf of LLC “Predpriyatie “Stroykomplekt” I would like to wish you infinite life optimism and persistence in achievement of goals, interesting efficient ideas and possibilities for their realization, stable financial situation, success in business and above all – good fortune and many like-minded people whom it would be difficult to realize all our plans and initiatives without.

Best regards,
President of LLC “Predpriyatie “Stroykomplekt”
Viktor Poddubitsky