Large shipment of PAZ buses

22 февраля 2012

4 автобуса ПАЗ

On the 22nd of February 2012 the regular large shipment took place on the eve of Defender of Fatherland Day. Four buses of the model PAZ-32054 were bought by one of the leading carriers for a new route auction.

Traditionally the choice was made in favor of PAZ buses thanks to the optimal ration of the price and quality. Besides, due to the modern services of LLC ”Predpriyatiye”Stroykomplekt” it is possible to make the whole range of diagnostic services and repairs as soon as possible.

A brief description of the model:

PAZ-32054 is two-door bus of a small class. The given model is used the most widely on the urban commercial and municipal routes. A bus has safe air brake system with the filter-moister separator Knorr-Bremze and anti-lock system.