The shipment of uprated excavator EK-14-90

07 февраля 2012

без названия: 06.02.2012 19:46

без названия: 06.02.2012 19:46On this week the shipment of uprated excavator ЕК-14-90 took place for needs of building company of Kamensk-Uralskiy. This machine would be used during realization of capital development on the territory of Kamensk-Uralskiy.

This model has the following differences:

- volume of engine increased for 12 Kbt;
- pressure in power hydraulics increased for 14 %;
- effort on the bucket tooth increased for 19 %;
- the speed of excavator increased for 14 %;
- more comfortable operator’s cabin;
- increased strength of metal structures;
- European standarts of ecology and safety.

On all questions please contact us by telephone number: (343) 311-12-11.